A Word About Singleness

A Word About Singleness, Marriage, and Divine Union

As a Christian single, our fulfillment isn’t found in what others say about us, or how they tell us to be single, or direct our lives.  It is found in serving our Lord, in finding and using our gifts for him and others.  What I have found is that even though we are single, our concern should be where we are right now.  It’s not a matter of when, how or why we remain single, let alone marriage in the future, but it is a matter of where our hearts are now, in this moment, this time, our relationship with the Father, with Christ.  The only way to find out what to do with ourselves, our very lives, is to be with the One who created us.  Whether or not the belief our singleness is a calling, or a relational status, it is what we do with where we are in this time.  This is perspective.  The same is applied to being married.

Marriage, as well as not married, is holy.  Everything, everyone that is called of the Father, is holy.  It is a state, a setting aside for a work of good things he’s set for us to do, to his glory and his will.  Once a single, as well as a married couple, captures this, the married couple is one; the essence of your life comes into life.  As a single, the unity between you and the Father, through Christ Jesus, and his will for your life, comes into view, even though it may appear slow, it is revealed.  And you soon realize he is walking with you.  As a married couple, the unity between you and your spouse is even deepened, and the unity you have in Christ, and with Christ, is broadened.  The understanding of this is only in the doing.  Nothing is meant to be easy.  You have to climb to get to the top.  The difficulty comes in accepting the calling God has for your life, either you be single, or married.  The glory comes in doing it.

As a single I have to remember, and I hope this is encouraging for the single as well: when we chose to focus on the calling the Father has for us, and to live our lives, knowing we are being molded, fashioned into the image of Christ our Lord, such an example is Adam, the one he has for us, who has the same calling, can come along side us to do the work with us.  Whether or not, as it can be difficult to say, yet is a reality, that we may remain single, but the purpose of our belief, is that in the end we minister to the Father and other people whom we are called to minister to, we see that we are married to our Lord, and the ones whom we minister to, our offspring, the ones God has touched through us.  The Father’s heart becomes our heart.  That is a unity that lasts into Eternity.