Letters to My Children

Letter 4:

There’s a common denominator amongst us: we are born and we die.  We all have someone we’ve lost and we all share that pain in some fashion.  I could have died as an infant, but I didn’t.  So have many other infants who’ve fought and parents who’ve shown their extreme love to that child.  Some children are gathered to their people, some stay and discover this world.  The power of pursuit, of not giving up, is alive and well in those who see the power of changing what they believe about themselves and others.

The ability to change can be suppressed of course, or even broken from abuse by others or even from oneself, it can be damaged from the type of thinking which tells you to put your freedoms or even your own future into someone else’s hands.  Kids, to keep your freedom, you must guard it.  To live with freedom you must be free within your own hearts and minds.  This freedom comes at a cost through.  You must give up something.  Just make sure you give up the right thing!  Like being selfish or maybe that person you want to date, or maybe have sex with, not to go against your own base instincts, but what you think you want and need.  Food, clothing and shelter are the basics of what we need.  Sex is debatable, but believe it or not, you can go without it.  It is between the two points, tiny as they might seem, as they are life and death, is what counts.  And difficult choices come to everyone of course, some seem to repeat themselves, but as you choose to go deeper into your life, use what you have, you grown stronger, and even weaker, which is alright, and can be a good thing, you will find doors open which you find you have been waiting for, and doors that you have to learn to close yourself.

There will always be hard circumstances and facts you will face.  This is a fact of life.  You will probably never be able to fully tell someone what it is you think or feel or let alone explain what you do or did.  And you don’t have to.  No one ever said, “Thou shalt explain thyself.”  If they are saying this, then maybe they are trying to find something wrong with you, or compare you to themselves or someone else.  But you will be, and know you should, hold yourself accountable for what you do in your life.  The lack of accountability, I’m afraid, by the time you read this, will almost, if not, be gone.  People will do whatever they want and not think of the consequences.  People will believe whatever they want, and follow whoever they desire, and not think about what is being sowed into their hearts and minds or even what they are sowing into others.  So let me remind you children, do not let anyone tell you you are just someone who is only a body, or someone who is a spirit trapped in a body, or all you are is a mess emotionally.  As a human, created by God for a purpose, you are whole: you have life, you have breath! You have emotions and psychological makeup, and you have a body: you hunger, you have sexual urges, and everything you are interacts with itself and affects each other.

I am sure you recognize that I have been talking about God in these letters.  Maybe you do or do not believe in him.  Belief or faith is structurally important in a person’s life.  You have faith in God, or faith in whatever you find yourself holding onto the most in those desperate hours.  I pray for you that you do find peace, that you find the strength to go deeper into the mystery of this being which some believe to not exist, or maybe Man invented him, or some believe that can control him or submit to him out of fear or love.  I know for a fact, as I look around at my own life and those whom I have interacted with, that God the Creator reaches out to his creation.  And in the capacity they understand, if not, always the capacity of what they really do not want to believe.  He challenges us, and shares with us in our hunger and pain.  So here’s a question for you, would you rather have God come to you in helping you to get through troubles in life and change you, or have him baby you?  That’s a question in time you may have an answer to.

As for this Jesus figure that you have heard about, he is more than some think, and less harsh than others may try to have you believe.  He is Saviour of humanity, for those who choose to accept, as of now, and later on, judge, a reward of those who follow him.  And following this man and what he teaches changes those who desire it so.  Believe it or not, it is the same with any other belief, question is, how do you want to change?  How do you want to grow and experience life?  Experience you will find, is a teacher and critic of everyone, and plays no favorites.  You get what you put in, you receive what you plant and you share what you plant.  In everything you do, you leave a legacy, in what you believe, you become a part of that legacy of millions of others.

For now, this letter is coming to a close, it is getting late.  But I want to leave you with this: you can always choose what you believe; your belief does not choose you.  You can choose to love or hate, choose to follow Christ and believe what he has said about himself, or not.  Be careful of who you are friends with, yet be friendly to everyone.  Above all, enjoy life, and enjoy the rain.




3 thoughts on “Letters to My Children

  1. Char Staton says:

    Daniel, enjoy reading your philosphy of Faith, Life and in general ideas that most of us have , yet never publish or make known to others, Keep up the good work.
    I have 8 Children and one has gone home to be with our Lord, and have tried to give them the Bible knowledge that you have talked about,and pray i will see all of them one day in Heaven as time and death is a surety.
    Thank you, and don’t give up somewhere these words will be read and someone will be changed { for the better we hope} by them. May God continue to pour out his Spirit on you and annoint you, to inspire everyone.

  2. Tammi Kale says:

    I found myself literally holding my breath as I read this post, thinking of it actually being addressed to my children. What a beautiful ‘letter’….I look forward to your future posts.

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