Eternal Legacy

This seems almost a conundrum, doesn’t it? A legacy is something that is passed on from person to person, the former passing away. But a legacy is to be passed on. But within the Faith, the Legacy is passed on from person to person who decides to be reconciled to God. In this sense we become a part of a heritage that is greater than ourselves, yet unjudgingly calls us. Each person has a choice to become a part of this eternal legacy that others have died for. No, it is not about killing innocent people or forcing them to convert at gunpoint. That is not conversion. That goes against the core message of Christ. What is this eternal legacy?
In Christianity conversion is authentic by the person’s change in behavior to others and held in their faith in God. It is about reconciliation between God and humanity and it is displayed in how we forgive and treat others, and even seek forgiveness. Unfortunately this is almost lost in today’s culture seeping into the faith. So the first characteristic of this legacy is Reconciliation. It is recognizing that God desires for humanity to see that he has given us a way of reconciliation between himself and his creation through Christ.
Persecution is also a part of this legacy. It is the second characteristic. We see this happening ever since the first convert. Even Christ was hated. He said that if you follow me you will be hated, but do not forget that they hated me first. There is a cost to following Christ and this cost is a taking away of the nature of this sinful world and replacing it with the new nature that is not yet fully formed in this life. The change is a taking away of this old one to make ready for the new one. People are naturally afraid of change. I can attest to this. We all can attest to this. This actually leads me to the third characteristic.
The third is we have an enemy who is against the human race. He has no respect or allegiance to any race or culture, to either poor or rich. All he wants is control over humanity and be worshiped. He wanted more than what was given him. This is envy. And this sin is seen all throughout humanity’s history. Fortunately this eternal legacy involves his demise. His power was taken away through the death and resurrection of Christ; this message is to be heralded through all of time and place, and it is heard throughout the spiritual world and even beyond death.
The fourth and last characteristic of this lasting legacy is that it is eternal. It begins and in the end, all placed under Christ who in turn, gives it to the Father. In the end, it is all brought back to him who created, to him who loves and has given his creation free will. This act of love gives us freedom to follow or deny to hate or love. It all comes back to the one who came in the form of human servant, and has given us the power and strength to change the nature of which we are, that we might pass from death to life. To follow this legacy though, we must count the cost. As I said earlier, there is a cost to following Christ, and we must count the cost before following him. In this he said this is your choice. Truthfully, counting the cost is counter cultural! In today’s American culture, let alone the world, we are hard pressed to accept the way things are, just be free, not thinking of the consequences. The freedom of choice is marred more and more by the fact that we have so many choices screaming for our attention, screaming for our wallets and our emotions and time. Simplicity itself is not having little, yet when we realize we have to divorce ourselves from the materialism or false doctrines we do not want. If we can grasp the basic fact that we cannot fully have what we are told we can, or told to desire, and know we cannot gain everything by our own hand, knowing we can only be truly filled by God’s hand, we no longer hear the lazing choices of a world gone mad.


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