An Awakening?

A few years ago I found out that I was born with a, what I call, a string of tissue, on my heart which caused my heart to go into palpitations, over 200 beats a minute. It messed with the electrical circuitry of the heart. Surprised I never fainted or anything worse. During this time I was undergoing tremendous stress. Over 3 days I was having extreme muscle spasms in my chest. They got so sever I finally went to the emergency room. I was dehydrated. Lesson learned. But it brought to my mind my own condition, which I finally received treatment for. Although at times my heart does a dance, but only a fraction, it is nothing to worry about, it caused in me some searching. There I was 33 years old still struggling to find some adjustment and way to live my life with a tracheotomy that limits me and the problems that I was working through due to the sleep apnea. It hit me, not what have I done, but what do I want to do? When I leave this crazy world, did I leave anything behind? I am full of ideas, passions, thoughts: there must be something in my mixed up world that will help at least one person. After all, there’s not much left.


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