Mercy Enough

Help me to understand your mercy and grace.
What is this life of struggle and pain,
This path of little and less.
Why is this struggle of confusion
And hardship a path I’ve always had to walk?
Why is this anomaly life you’ve given me
Costing what I do not have? Why I can never gain desires you’ve given?
Lead me not into temptation of comparison, but to value that you’ve given me insight into your heart which very few find:
The pain of humanity, the loneliness of the lost, the blind of the seeing.
We are but a breath. The guilt of temptation,
The lost generation of humanity.
The purposed oversight of sin.

I won’t be around for long.
Soon I will vanish, disappear into the darkness of sleep.
But don’t worry, I’ll be around:
In the winds of gentleness and rage,
Out of the corner of your eye,
In the lost and dying last human that is never seen.
Why do you back away?
Why do you still believe in the best when around you people die inside?


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