Starting Somewhere

It is difficult to find your way through the clouds of the soul. At times we need a spark from a friend. That spark might be in the form of a rebuke or they confirm that it is okay to feel that way. It’s a reminder of what is important.
When we actually change how we think, or essentially reprogramming our brain, we are unlearning previous ways of reactions to a situation or a thought process. This change requires a present state of being, or better way to say: be active in the process of your change. I have to be open to the thought and emotions and recognize them.
Every night I write a few words under sections like: what I love, what I dislike, what I need to work on, and what makes me anxious. Along with this I go through my day and tell myself what popped out to me, any changes that I worked toward from my list of what I need to work on, as they arise, I do not force it, and look at my emotions with those activities.
This is also a confirming action to help recognize that my emotions are good and help me evaluate myself, my day and encourage myself towards an understanding of myself and others.
If you struggle with emotional difficulty of some kind I encourage you to give this a try. This is what I am learning and applying to myself and want to pass to you. Here are a couple of website for more information. Remember you’re not alone.


2 thoughts on “Starting Somewhere

  1. Your writing practices seem to me wise and healthy. I need to work out a more regular routine for myself.

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