Mountain and Valley

We will have our mountains and valleys. At times we don’t know we’re on a mountain or in a valley. If we stay in a valley all we think is how badly life is. If we stay on the mountain, we deceive ourselves and think life is grand. Everyone likes the mountain tops. We can see for miles and the beauty.
But when walking the valleys of life, you will have people judge you: telling how you should be rather than walk with you. You will have people point the way or disagree with you, or whatever the case. The real issue is not that we have enemies, or people who don’t care it’s the fact that life is life and everyone is doing what they think they have to do. We choose, although at moments we do not realize, with our subconscious nature from a young age, we are being formed. This is to protect us and can form our personality. And in time, sometimes, we have to realize that we can change. But there will always be a part of us that will always be concrete. That shouldn’t deter or scare us, but encourage us to live life to the fullest. We have breath, so we have life. Not five years from now with all those special plans, nor five years ago with its woes, but in this very moment.


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