Book Review: They Were Single too

A book that can help define, encourage and exhort people can be difficult to find, especially one for singles, and written by a single. That’s why I bring you “They Were Single Too”, by David M. Hoffeditz. It reveals eight Biblical role models not just for singles, but also for the married. The book brings a defining counter culture outlook not just to secular culture, but also to the culture in the church which, unfortunately, has allowed its surrounding culture to influence the way it ministers. In this process the church has to realize that “Preconceived notions, biases, and cultural ‘ideals’ must give way to God’s Word. After all, the single man from Nazareth did say, ‘The person who has my commandments and obeys them is the one who loves me’ (John 14:12).” (pg. 6)

The writer brings out a remarkable sense of clarity which I have never found in a book for singles, and this clarity is not about singleness just being a “gift”, or a “curse”, or some type of phase, but through these eight role models he reveals a sense of purpose and being that is not tailored by culture or trying to fit in a church, wishing there was some ministry; singleness shouldn’t be seen as a ministry, but a chance to be open to possibilities that can be endless for Christians, and amazingly enough, he never said singleness or marriage are better than the other. This view is a wonderful portrait to the fact that there should be the sense of purpose within the church which is uncommon. This purpose is God’s calling.

David brings out the struggles and ways of using this time in life from these important figures in the Bible. Paul, Anna, Martha to Jeremiah, Ruth and Joseph, and of course Nehemiah and John the Baptist: he reveals troubles and finds purpose within these figures which I have never seen in this light before, a light only someone who has a purpose to the writing can bring. As David M. Hoffeditz wrote, “In keeping with Paul’s’ exhortation in 1 Corinthians 7, these portraits reveal that it matters not whether we are married or single, but that we are obedient. These individuals understood the true meaning of life… a life worth living remains faithful to His calling…” (pg. 134)

If you’re looking for a fresh insight as single or married and how servant-hood and love is important to the people around you and to God, sit down whenever you can and pick up this book; see for yourself that there is more to being human than being single or a husband and wife.


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