Been a While

Well I’m back to writing on here. I know it has been a while since I’ve written anything but a lot has been going on: meeting new people, old thoughts and feelings come back up during this process. But I’ve been letting go and learning to become part of the new. Also I have begun my online classes, it’s going well. Anyway, I thought I’d come back on here and share a poem out of my journal I wrote the other night. And I do plan on getting back on here and writing more on some things that have been coming to my mind. So here it is:

Don’t tell me your love story of rosy cheeks and starry eyes,

but tell me of your inner struggle and pain of rejection,

and how love healed you.

I don’t want to hear how wonderful the honeymoon was and

desires were finally fulfilled,

I want to see how love reconciled two hearts and mended into one.

Love strengthens and resurrects the dead, emotions and hearts,

it rejuvenates the mind and will,

sacrificing for the other, giving of self.

That’s the story of love told throughout ages to come,

where maidens and knights fought side by side,

letting not evil overpower them,

but fought for each other,

not to win but to know, as one;

and fought for others,

signifying Love conquers all.

Death has no power,

but only used to rise again, to be reborn

as lovers unite uniquely as one.

So under Love’s banner, do tell, which battles have you fought?

Have we loved another and Loved ourselves?


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