Fond Farewell

It’s closing in once again.
I can feel it on my skin,
my body begins to shake and quake.
I want to believe others care,
I want to see that they can reach out as well.
Yet they’re all held up in their own world of:
Love, companionship, friendship, connection, someone to hold them and be two as one.
Beyond what I can grasp,
I feel it’s too late, my heart aches,
My hands shake, my voice no longer working
For too often I’ve yelled in the quiet of the night with no around,
Who would only look at me like I’m a mad man with a Sorrow Crown;
I’ve no one to hear me in the quiet of my sobs.
No other human to take my hand and let me know they’re there,
Knowing that I’d be there for them too.
I’ve not gone yet because there’s someone who still needs me.
After they’re gone, I’ve no one else.
Everyone who says I’m here and they’re there for me
Will find another to take my place.
What is hard will be soft.
What is sad
Will be happy.
What is lonely
Will be at peace.
If my passing opens others hearts to the lost and dying around me
Then I say, “I choose to leave this place a farewell”.


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